Mum Heart Conference NT

A few weeks ago we had the first Mum Heart Conference in the Northern Territory!  It was such a lovely weekend with like-minded mommas!  Here are a few, just kidding – a lot of photos from the weekend.

pupS80OGST+oadKkPQa1SwThe beautiful Dundee Beach!



fullsizeoutput_39b0Gotta take a selfie!

%4ho+3+nQ8ee9N8%eJQA gorgeous sunrise on Friday night.

 %amMjBSmRRumJVAcPhj9%QAnd a beautiful sunrise on Saturday morning.

%Z4FgJ3HQ2WqT9JjDkX%pABelinda Letchford was one of our speakers.


+d3m52MbRIuFGp+rWIGRugJillian Holmes spoke on priorities and our relationships.



fullsizeoutput_397fIt was wonderful catching up with dear friends.

fullsizeoutput_397d Ainsley Smith spoke on worship.




cUdlfqFIRw652RqIhs+B8wOn Saturday afternoon a dear friend from Darwin put on a lovely high tea for us.






fullsizeoutput_3969My friend, Jeanette, who put on the high tea.


WYieg%X9TfWnVMbE7xFD1gRepresenting Katherine!

rmNxVX9hTV6%2zTVPph9EAWe even had a beautiful rain.

Which gave us a beautiful sunset…EOFxsATXSRymhBq2VKcSAQ

IMG_1965We all just stood around marvelling at God’s handiwork!

Nb28t%zmSGyRdQNwXn9A0wSaturday night we played a few games.

8BDhE5TLTBOV%XFDy1iOrwSunday morning we had a time of worship and prayer.


It was a really great weekend.  All of the sessions blended together even though none of us had spoken to anyone about what we’d speak on.  That’s all God.

As a homeschooler we can often feel isolated, so these type of conferences bring us together so we can get refreshed, encouraged, and inspired so we can put our focus on the Lord and serve our families well.

Go check out MumHeart and find a conference in your area.  I highly recommend you attend.  I’m already praying, thinking, and planning for next year!

Also, if you are looking for a beautiful and isolated place for your next holiday, check out Dundee Beach Holiday Park.  They’re amazing!  We couldn’t have picked a better destination!


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