The Importance of Family Time

Do homeschoolers really need to plan family time?  Don’t we already spend all day, every day together?

I believe it is important for families to make a special effort to have family time.  Whether you homeschool or not.

A few months ago, we needed a break.  We didn’t have extra cash to go bowling or to the cinemas, so we decided to go camping.  We left around 5pm and was back by 11am, but it was amazing and exactly what we needed.

We found a place not too far from where we live, but just far enough that we didn’t have mobile reception.  We set up camp (our 4 man tent), and then went fishing for a bit.  Actually, my husband and kids went fishing.  I stood far enough back, but close enough that I could keep an eye out for crocs.  Later the kids collected firewood and we enjoyed a meal of hot dogs cooked over the fire.  We later roasted marshmallows.

We were in the tent by about 8pm.  The kids and I played a few games of Skipbo and we enjoyed chatting about our week.  We were all up early, as you do when you’re all asleep by 9pm.  My husband and son fished a bit more while my daughter and I collected more wood for the fire and attempted to make pancakes.  (It didn’t go too well as we forgot the butter and a spatula.)

This camping trip was a few months ago, but my kids still talk about it.  Why?  Because we stepped away from our home and our normal routine, and just spent quality time with each other.  We have had a few more family trips since then and have a few more already planned.  How about you?  When was the last time you scheduled family time?  If it hasn’t been in the last month, why not plan something for the weekend?


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