A Homeschool Journey

Homeschooling is a journey.   Some do it for a short time and some, like me, are in it for the long haul.  We have felt this journey is what the Lord wants for our family, so until He tells us otherwise, we will continue to teach and train our children at home.   I treasure these days, I know they will not last forever.  Before I know it, they will be grown and have lives of their own.  Homeschooling has become my identity over the last 11 years.  It’s who I am.  I am a homeschool mum.

Now don’t get me wrong, homeschooling is not all rainbows and sprinkles.  There are hard days.  For example, have you tried teaching Algebra to a 14 year old who despises math?  It’s not an easy task.  It’s not always a peaceful ending.  But this is my task at hand, and I persevere to the end of the school day (I may then run and hide in my room for a break, but that’s okay!).   I heard a quote once and I remind myself of it often…

The days are long, but the years are short.”


For some of you, this is a new journey.  Congratulations!  Your kids will never look back one day and say, “My parents spent way too much time with me.”  Enjoy the days, even the long ones with algebraic expressions that go on and on.  Savour the successes like your child reading their first words or finally understanding the difference between adjectives and adverbs.  Homeschooling can be a hard road, but I’m firmly convinced it is what you make of it.  Make the days fun and exciting.  Take breaks.  Go for walks.  Stop and smell the roses.  Enjoy your children.

Enjoy your homeschool journey!

7 thoughts on “A Homeschool Journey

  1. Being able to spend more time with our girls is exactly why my wife and I decided to homeschool. This will be our first year homeschooling and we are in it for the long haul. Thanks for the great post!


  2. I’m right at the beginning of the journey, just getting a sense of what homeschooling is all about and how we can make it fit in with our family, with my 3-year-old (she’s so far enjoying the new activities I’m making up for her, which is gratifying!). I loved reading this post, your words are wonderfully encouraging. I think homeschool really makes sense from a faith perspective, especially if the alternative is public school – if faith and life are to be inextricably bound, it makes sense to be alongside your children throughout the days, teaching them about their Creator at the same time as teaching them about His creation 🙂


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